Will Man City's Great Home Record Continue Against Spurs?

By Sam Darby on 19/01/2012 10:31

One of the highlights of this week’s Premiership matches will be Man City v Tottenham, a game that could be looked back upon at the end of the season as a title decider with Man City currently top of the table and Tottenham not far off the pace in third. What are the best bets on this match according to ValueChecker’s most valuable tools?

Man City will be very glad that this game falls at home for them as they have an outstanding record at home according to the Man City ValueChecker wikis. Man City have won their last 15 home games, scoring 43 goals in that run and conceding just 5 goals. It is clearly going to be very difficult for Tottenham to end this run but they are currently the third best team in the Premiership and they have a better chance than many.

As for the Tottenham ValueChecker wikis, they point towards Tottenham being better against the bigger teams. Last season only Man Utd had a better record against the eventual top half teams than Tottenham who picked up 30 points from their 18 games against the other top half teams. The season before Tottenham gained 31 points from the same games and it seems to point towards them being value against the better sides and Man City are certainly one of the better sides in the league as they are top!

If looking to narrow down the correct score options the Tottenham ValueChecker wikis could also come in handy. Despite Man City’s great goalscoring record this season Tottenham could be most likely to concede just one goal. No other team has conceded exactly one goal more often than Spurs in the previous two seasons according to the Tottenham ValueChecker wikis whilst Spurs’ most common winning scoreline in the past has been 2-1 so if you fancy a Spurs win you could boost the odds by backing that scoreline.

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