Wikis Point To Spurs Victory Over Newcastle On Saturday

By Sam Darby on 09/02/2012 17:52

One of the most anticipated matches this weekend is Spurs v Newcastle and the game has been given extra significance with two potential next England managers going head to head. This game will certainly attract plenty of viewers and punters so let’s examine the best bets according to ValueChecker.

With Spurs playing at home plenty of the Tottenham ValueChecker wikis are going to point towards success for Spurs. They show that Spurs are a team to have on your side when playing at home, Spurs lost just once last season at home and have lost just once this season at home and no other Premiership team has better that record. Spurs are also a team to follow when playing against top half teams and with Newcastle performing very well this season they can certainly be deemed a top half team. Last season Spurs had the second best points haul against the eventual top half teams, they gained 30 points in those 18 games and that was just 3 points short of Man Utd’s return from the same games. The season before Spurs picked up 31 points in those games. That looks good news for Spurs backers ahead of this match.

Other Tottenham ValueChecker wikis help out with potential correct score picks. Tottenham have a habit of conceding the odd goal, last season they conceded exactly one goal in 19 matches (half their matches) and the season before one goal was conceded in 16 matches. Add to that the fact that Spurs have been the best team to back to win 2-1 in recent years and we could have a great bet here. Last season Spurs won 2-1 eight times and it was the same story the season before, in both seasons Spurs were the team who won by that scoreline the most times and therefore look good value to do so again.

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