Wiki Pointers For FA Cup Replay Middlesbrough v Sunderland

By Sam Darby on 08/02/2012 11:31

Premiership improvers Sunderland make the short trip to Middlesbrough on Wednesday night for an FA Cup Fourth Round Replay and a home tie against Arsenal awaits the winner of this match so there is plenty to play for, but what are the best bets according to ValueChecker?

It can often pay to look at the stronger teams’ wikis first as that can often have a lrger influence on the result than the tendencies of the weaker team. Being a division above Middlesbrough, Sunderland should definitely be the strong team here and the Sunderland ValueChecker wikis reveal some interesting pointers.

Sunderland look one of the best teams on which to back under 1.5 goals. Last season that was a winning bet in ten league games whilst the season before under 1.5 goals would have been a winning bet in eleven of Sunderland’s 38 Premiership games. That may not seem a huge proportion but under 1.5 goals is often a much bigger price than under 2.5 goals and Sunderland are one of the most consistent teams to bet on for under 1.5 goals, this could prove a good value bet for this FA Cup match.

An in running pointer than is a negative for Sunderland’s chances relates to their fortunes when losing a game at half time. Sunderland have struggled to come back when losing at half time, last season Sunderland only managed to pick up one point from the eight games they were losing at half time whilst the season before Sunderland gained just two points from 13 games in which they were losing at half time. If Middlesbrough are winning at half time many may feel Sunderland can put their superior quality to good use in the second half but actually it may pay to back ‘Boro to hold on to that lead.

As for the Middlesbrough ValueChecker wikis, they point towards Middlesbrough perhaps losing this match 1-0. They have a bad record of keeping clean sheets, last season they kept only nine clean sheets and that was the fourth worst record in the Championship. That’s terrible news if this game is under 1.5 goals as the Sunderland wikis suggest it could be.

The ValueChecker Wikis are proving a popular tool to find bets on a wide variety of events on ValueChecker and you can add to them by registering (just provide an email address and password) and sharing your knowledge.