ValueChecker Wikis For Arsenal v Man Utd Predict Goals And Half Time Draw

By Sam Darby on 20/01/2012 11:01

The second of this weekend’s Super Sunday offering is Arsenal v Man Utd and this could be the most popular betting heat of the weekend so what are the best bets on this match according to ValueChecker’s wikis on the two sides?

A quick look at the Man Utd ValueChecker wikis suggests there are going to be many pointers for the away side in this match. The first of the wikis suggests that Man Utd are a good bet against the better teams in the Premiership, and Arsenal are certainly one of the better teams. Last season Man Utd gained more points than any other team against top half opposition with a total points haul of 33 points whilst it was the same total the season before.

There could also be some good bets in the half time markets in this match according to the Man Utd ValueChecker wikis. Last season Man Utd were winning just four away matches at half time, with ten of those being all square at the interval and United in a losing position in five away matches. The season before there were also ten half time draws with six half time wins and three half time losses. The draw looks to be the most likely half time result in Man Utd away matches.

As for away goalscorers for Man Utd, Wayne Rooney could be the man to follow. It seems that Dimitar Berbatov is a good bet at home but away from Old Trafford Rooney seems to flourish, last season he scored seven goals away from home and just four at Old Trafford from a very similar amount of matches.

What about the Arsenal ValueChecker wikis? This game was 8-2 earlier in the season and it seems backing goals in this match could be profitable once again as Arsenal appear to be one of the best sides for backing over 2.5 goals. Last season 23 Arsenal league matches had over 2.5 goals whilst the season before it was 25 games that had over 2.5 goals. Man Utd are hardly low scoring opposition so take note of this bet. There is also an Arsenal ValueChecker wikis that points to Robin Van Persie scoring in this match.

The ValueChecker Wikis are proving a popular tool to find bets on a wide variety of events on ValueChecker and you can add to them by registering (just provide an email address and password) and sharing your knowledge.