ValueChecker Wikis Favour Man Utd Over Liverpool On Saturday

By Sam Darby on 10/02/2012 10:47

This weekend the highlight of the Premiership fixtures looks to be the Saturday lunchtime kick off between Man Utd and Liverpool at Old Trafford. The rivals will do battle for the third time this season, can United gain their first win over Liverpool in over a year? The ValueChecker betting tools may be able to help with finding this out.

One bet for this match is showing in the ValueChecker Value Bets but it doesn’t let us know who will win this match, just how many goals there are likely to be in this match. According to the ValueChecker Value Bet system, which finds the best value bets based on a statistical analysis of previous results, Over 2.5 goals is the best bet in this match. The current odds on this bet are 1.99 at the time of writing but ValueChecker thinks the correct price for this bet is more like 1.53 and that means it has been assigned a value rating of 0.53.

This game also has a bet highlighted in the ValueChecker Steamers and that is Man Utd or Liverpool in the Double Chance betting. This means that punters have been opposing the draw here and most bookies have had to shorten the odds on one of these sides emerging victorious but it seems UniBet haven’t seen the same level of support, they are still offering odds of 1.33 which is now the standout price on this selection.

The Man Utd ValueChecker wikis should help us find some of the best bets in this game and it is worth noting that Man Utd have a good record against the better teams in the division. Last season Man Utd gained more points than any other team against eventual top half opposition, picking up 33 points and they gained the same total points against top half teams the season before. Liverpool are certainly one of the better top half teams and that might actually work in Man Utd’s favour according to this wiki.

Man Utd may therefore look a good bet to take all three points in this match but they could prove a smart bet to be drawing this game at half time. Last season Man Utd were only winning four away games (and drawing ten) at half time whilst the season before they were winning just six at half time and once again were drawing ten times against Premiership opposition at half time.

The Liverpool ValueChecker wikis show that Dirk Kuyt has been a key player in recent seasons for Liverpool in terms of scoring and setting up goals. Last season Kuyt scored thirteen goals and set up eight goals whilst the season before Kuyt played a hand in thirteen goals, either by scoring them or setting them up. If Kuyt is selected to start this match it might be wise to expect more goals than if he is sat on the bench.

Liverpool could struggle here if Man Utd score the first goal as they often have problems overturning an early deficit. Last season Liverpool conceded the first goal of the game ten times and they lost nine of those matches, the season before they conceded first in thirteen matches and ended up losing eleven of those matches. If you like to bet in running and Man Utd score first against Liverpool on Saturday it may be a good idea to back Man Utd to go on and win the game unless they become too short odds.

The ValueChecker Wikis are proving a popular tool to find bets on a wide variety of events on ValueChecker and you can add to them by registering (just provide an email address and password) and sharing your knowledge