ValueChecker Tips For Man City v Porto And Other European Action

By Sam Darby on 22/02/2012 10:47

Man City are in action on Wednesday night in the Europa League and it seems the Europa League has grown in popularity since some of the bigger teams dropped out of the Champions League and into this competition. The bets have been pouring in and ValueChecker should help us find the best bets in Man City v Porto as well as other important Europa League ties.

The ValueChecker Value Bets can often throw up some decent priced winners and one of the best bets according to the Value Bets, which use a statistical analysis of previous results to find the best bets each day, the away side are a strong bet here. Porto are available at 6.13 at the time of writing to win this match but ValueChecker reckons they should be more like 1.96 so ValueChecker has assigned this bet a value rating of 0.43.

There is a big match in the Champions League tonight with Marseille taking on Inter Milan and ValueChecker thinks that the home side are overpriced to win this encounter. At the time of writing the best odds available on the French side are 2.10 but ValueChecker thinks that the correct price on Marseille should be more like 1.83 and as a result that has been given a value rating of 0.33.

Man City fans will be hoping that the team translates their Premiership form to this match, the Man City ValueChecker wikis show that the team have a 100% home record this season in the Premiership and having won every game at Eastlands this season fans will be hopeful that this will be yet another home domination. Man City have scored 37 goals in their twelve home wins in the Premiership and conceded just 6 goals so the Man City ValueChecker wikis disagree with the Value Bets on this occasion suggesting that a home win should be a formality.

The ValueChecker Wikis are proving a popular tool to find bets on a wide variety of events on ValueChecker and you can add to them by registering (just provide an email address and password) and sharing your knowledge.