Stoke Could Be In For Easy Win At Home To Struggling Wolves

By Sam Darby on 05/04/2012 16:04

Stoke take on Wolves on Saturday evening in a possible relegation decider, Stoke aren’t completely safe yet but should have no problems staying up but as for Wolves, they have been in dreadful form since they sacked Mick McCarthy and they now sit bottom of the Premiership, six points from safety. Do the ValueChecker wikis see any hope for them in this match or will Stoke take all the points?

The Stoke ValueChecker wikis show a shocking difference between home and away performances in recent seasons since Stoke were promoted to the Premiership. In the 10/11 Premiership season Stoke gained 34 of their 46 points at home and two seasons before 35 of their 45 points came when playing at home. Stoke are clearly a strong home side but also a team that struggles on the road, largely because other team's pitches are wider meaning Stoke's set pieces that are sent towards the six yard box are not quite as effective. With Stoke at home in this match many will be expecting all three points to go to the home side.

According to the Stoke ValueChecker wikis, their games in the Premiership aren’t particularly low scoring but they certainly aren’t high scoring either. Their stats for under/over 2.5 goals are in line with most other teams who hold a similar league position to Stoke but Stoke’s over 3.5 stats are very low. In the 10/11 season just 15.8% of Stoke’s matches had over 3.5 goals whilst the season before it was 18.4 %. With Stoke’s under/over 2.5 goals quite evenly split over a season it looks better to avoid that market and bet on under 3.5 goals in Stoke matches, the odds won’t be as high but they should still offer better value.

It is also worth noting when Stoke tend to score most of their goals. Stoke have become a team who score many more goals in the second half than the first half in their matches. In the 10/11 Premiership season Stoke scored just 35% of their goals in the first half of games and 65% in the second half of games. This can be particularly helpful for in running betting.

As for the Wolves ValueChecker wikis, they show that Wolves don’t win a great amount of games in the Premiership but there is an interesting statistic about the games that they do win. In the 10/11 Premiership season 8 of Wolves’ 11 wins were by a 1 goal winning margin. In the 09/10 season Wolves won 9 league matches and 7 of them were by a 1 goal winning margin. If you fancy Wolves to gain what would be a bit of a shock win at the Britannia Stadium there may be more value in backing Wolves to win by a one goal margin.

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