Mayweather expected to be taken the full distance by Cotto

By Valuechecker on 30/04/2012 16:27

As well as our Golf wikis coming up with a 26.00 winner last weekend our Boxing wikis also pinpointed where the value lied when Tony Bellew and Danny McIntosh fought last Friday evening with Ladbrokes offer of 1.73 for a Bellew win inside the distance recommended on our ValueChecker website.

This weekend sees Floyd Mayweather take on Miguel Cotto and according to recent wiki postings on both fighters it is a contest expected to go the full distance. Floyd Mayweather's wiki highlights the fact that five of his last seven fights have been won by way of the judges, while according to the Miguel Cotto wiki the man from Puerto Rico is just about as tough as they come and hard to finish inside the allotted schedule.

With that information at hand it would seem folly to suggest anything other than a Mayweather win on points and that can be backed at a best priced 1.91 with Ladbrokes at the time of writing. Those stand-out odds are also reflected in our Sleeper section on ValueChecker, this is where a bookmaker is offering odds bigger than their rivals.

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Recommendation: Floyd Mayweather to win on points at 1.91 with Ladbrokes