Man Utd Most Likely To Gain Narrow Win Over Everton

By Sam Darby on 20/04/2012 11:37

Man Utd have a firm hold on the Premiership title now and many will be expecting a straight forward three points for the current champions here although there is rarely a straight forward three points on offer when Everton are involved. Can David Moyes put a dent in Man Utd’s title aspirations here or will Man Utd move a step closer to Premiership glory once again?

Everton are an in form side in the top half of the Premiership currently but that might actually suit Man Utd according to the Man Utd ValueChecker wikis. Man Utd gained the most points in the 10/11 Premiership season against top half opposition, picking up 33 points. The season before they were only the second best team against top half opposition but again picked up 33 points and clearly Man Utd should be supported with confidence against the better sides in the Premiership.

Everton can be a tight defensive unit and one Man Utd player may hold the key to unlocking that defence. Nani proved an important player for Man Utd in the 10/11 Premiership season, not only providing his team with 9 goals but also a huge 18 assists, expect the number of goals Man Utd score to go down whenever Nani doesn’t play for Man Utd. Nani’s scoring record wasn’t as impressive the previous season with just three goals but he set up 11 goals that season proving if Nani doesn’t play, United are likely to get less chances.

Just like Man Utd, Everton have a strong record against the better teams in the Premiership but whether or not that is good enough to beat Man Utd is open to debate. According to the Everton ValueChecker wikis, they have often been a team to have on your side when playing against the 'better' opposition in the Premiership, in the 10/11 season Everton had the joint third best record against top half opposition picking up 28 points in the 18 games against the eventual top ten and they also did well against the top teams the previous season, they had the joint fifth best record that season after gaining 25 points in the 18 games in question.

If you do fancy Man Utd to win this match then perhaps the Everton ValueChecker wikis can help narrow the correct score options and reveal the winning margin here. It is no surprise to note that Everton are a very tough team who don’t go down without a fight but what is a little surprising how seldom Everton are well beaten. In the 10/11 Premiership season Everton lost 10 games, 7 of which were lost by a 1 goal margin. In the 09/10 season Everton lost 9 matches and 6 of those were lost by a 1 goal margin. If opposing Everton it looks as though the best bet is on them to lose by just a 1 goal margin.

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