Man City May Lose Sporting Lisbon Battle But Not The War

By Sam Darby on 08/03/2012 11:02

Man City are looking to complete the double this season with the team looking good for their first Premiership title whilst they remain in the Europa League and are able to make the most out of their huge and talented squad in this competition. Sporting Lisbon are tonight’s opponents, does ValueChecker think Man City can return home for the second leg with an advantage?

The ValueChecker Value Bets, which are selected based on a statistical analysis of previous results, suggest that the home side are the team to go for in this match. Sporting Lisbon are available at 5.09 at the time of writing but according to ValueChecker Lisbon should actually be priced up closer to the 2.20 mark and that makes the Portuguese side one of the best value bets on Thursday with a value rating of 0.35.

Man City may be likely to struggle in this game with Sporting Lisbon good value but in the home leg Man City should have few problems winning comfortably according to the Man City ValueChecker wikis so they should be a good bet ahead of the first leg to qualify from this tie. Man City have won all 14 home matches this season in the Premiership, scoring a massive 42 goals and conceding just 6 times. Unless Man City are absolutely crushed in the first leg they should have few problems qualifying from this round.

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