Man City Backed But Liverpool Are Value In Carling Cup Says ValueChecker

By Sam Darby on 11/01/2012 11:24

The second of the Carling Cup Semi Final First Legs takes place tonight and this is certainly the game punters are looking forward to, Man City v Liverpool, so what does ValueChecker make of this match?

The ValueChecker Value Bets suggest the best play in this match is a Liverpool win. The ValueChecker Value Bets are determined by a ValueChecker tool which helps identify value bets based on a statistical analysis of past results and it seems those past results are pointing towards an away win in this match as Liverpool’s current price of 4.14 should be more like 3.06 according to ValueChecker, with this bet being assigned a value rating of 0.17 putting it in the top 20 value bets on the site today.

However, the ValueChecker Steamers are pointing towards a success for Man City in the ‘draw no bet’ market. In this market bets are void if the game ends all square and the average odds on Man City have dropped by 3.2% from 1.40 to 1.39 and those odds could continue to fall as kick off approaches tonight.

There could be a strong in running pointer in this match if Man City score the first goal according to the Liverpool ValueChecker wikis. In the 10/11 Premiership season Liverpool conceded the first goal in 10 games and lost 9 of them and the season before Liverpool conceded first in 13 of their matches and lost 11 of those games. That is a really poor record for a team as good as Liverpool and should Man City take the lead tonight, which the odds suggest is quite a likely outcome, they would look pretty certain winners of this match.

The ValueChecker Wikis are proving a popular tool to find bets on a wide variety of events on ValueChecker and you can add to them by registering (just provide an email address and password) and sharing your knowledge.