Malouda And Lampard Could Be Amongst Chelsea Scorers Against Newcastle

By Sam Darby on 02/05/2012 12:07

Chelsea take on Newcastle at Stamford Bridge tonight in a game that neither side can really afford to lose. Newcastle are fifth by one point ahead of Chelsea and whilst both sides will be hoping Spurs slip up at Bolton, they need to beat each other to try and move into fourth. Which side is ValueChecker predicting will come out on top?

The Chelsea ValueChecker wikis suggest that Florent Malouda could be worth a bet in the goalscorer markets here. In the 10/11 Premiership season Florent Malouda scored 11 of his 13 league goals at Stamford Bridge despite playing just one game more at home than away. This was no one off, the season before just four of his twelve league goals came away from home so with Malouda possibly more likely to play than usual given Chelsea’s up and coming commitments it looks as though he could be the value to score first or anytime against Newcastle.

Many are predicting plenty of goals in this match and some of those goals could come late on if the Chelsea ValueChecker wikis are right in this match. Chelsea have a great record of scoring late goals in their Premiership games. In the 10/11 Premiership season Chelsea scored 20 goals between the 76th minute and the final whistle whilst the season before they had an even better record scoring 26 goals between the 76th minute and the final whistle. In both seasons no team scored more goals in that time window and this could be a profitable wiki to make use of late on in this match.

Late goals aren’t the only thing Chelsea seem to get more than other Premiership teams. Chelsea are consistently one of the teams in receipt of most penalties each Premiership season. In the 10/11 Premiership season Chelsea were awarded 6 penalties and in the 09/10 season they were awarded a huge 11 penalties. If you can get a bet on Chelsea to get a penalty in this match that might be a good bet whilst Chelsea’s penalty taker Frank Lampard makes extra appeal in the goalscorer markets, he also takes free kicks which improves his chances of scoring even further.

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