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Best ValueChecker Wikis To Examine Ahead Of Napoli v Chelsea

Published on 21/02/2012 11:30

There is plenty of football to bet on this Tuesday night with action from the football league but most eyes will be on the Champions League and in particular the game between Napoli and Chelsea with Napoli already helping to eliminate one English team from the Champions League this season. The Chelsea ValueChecker wikis could be the best guide for this match on ValueChecker considering this match hasn’t thrown up any ValueChecker Steamers or ValueChecker Value Bets at…

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Best Bets From Man Utd And Man City Europa League Games

Published on 16/02/2012 10:58

The Europa League could be in for it’s biggest season to date with both Man Utd and Man City dropping out of the Champions League at the group stage. Both Manchester clubs are in action tonight in the Europa League, what are the best bets for these matches according to ValueChecker? The ValueChecker Value Bets have highlighted bets in both matches. In the Man Utd game at Ajax the away win has been highlighted as a value bet by ValueChecker. The odds currently available…

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Arsenal In For Good Result In Italy According To ValueChecker Pointers

Published on 15/02/2012 11:12

The Champions League returns this week and it is a competition that always appeals as a betting medium as the more competitive matches on offer often provide bigger odds bets on the games. On Wednesday night most eyes may be on what many are calling the tie of the round, AC Milan v Arsenal. The ValueChecker Value Bets suggest that this could be a good night for the English as Arsenal have been highlighted as one of the best bets of the day. The ValueChecker Value Bets are…

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Best ValueChecker Football Bets For Tuesday

Published on 14/02/2012 14:47

There is plenty of football to bet on this Tuesday night with the return of the Champions League complimented by action from the football league in England and the ValueChecker Value Bets and ValueChecker Steamers show that there are plenty of great bets to be had tonight. The ValueChecker Value Bets are highlighted by ValueChecker based on a statistical analysis of previous results and it seems as far as Tuesday night is concerned the biggest discrepancy could come in the…

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Best Bets And Pointers For Gillingham v Southend

Published on 13/02/2012 11:23

The live game on Monday night and the event attracting many bets today is Gillingham v Southend in League Two. With both teams in the hunt for promotion this season it should be a competitive match and an interesting game to bet on, what bets does ValueChecker highlight for Gillingham v Southend? It seems any neutrals tuning in should be entertained as one of the bets of the day according to the ValueChecker Value Bets is over 2.5 goals. The ValueChecker Value Bet system picks …

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ValueChecker Wikis Favour Man Utd Over Liverpool On Saturday

Published on 10/02/2012 10:47

This weekend the highlight of the Premiership fixtures looks to be the Saturday lunchtime kick off between Man Utd and Liverpool at Old Trafford. The rivals will do battle for the third time this season, can United gain their first win over Liverpool in over a year? The ValueChecker betting tools may be able to help with finding this out. One bet for this match is showing in the ValueChecker Value Bets but it doesn’t let us know who will win this match, just how many…

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Wikis Point To Spurs Victory Over Newcastle On Saturday

Published on 09/02/2012 17:52

One of the most anticipated matches this weekend is Spurs v Newcastle and the game has been given extra significance with two potential next England managers going head to head. This game will certainly attract plenty of viewers and punters so let’s examine the best bets according to ValueChecker. With Spurs playing at home plenty of the Tottenham ValueChecker wikis are going to point towards success for Spurs. They show that Spurs are a team to have on your side when…

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Wiki Pointers For FA Cup Replay Middlesbrough v Sunderland

Published on 08/02/2012 11:31

Premiership improvers Sunderland make the short trip to Middlesbrough on Wednesday night for an FA Cup Fourth Round Replay and a home tie against Arsenal awaits the winner of this match so there is plenty to play for, but what are the best bets according to ValueChecker? It can often pay to look at the stronger teams’ wikis first as that can often have a lrger influence on the result than the tendencies of the weaker team. Being a division above Middlesbrough, Sunderland …

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Best Bets For FA Cup Replay Between Sheffield Wednesday And Blackpool

Published on 07/02/2012 11:07

The live game on ESPN on Tuesday night comes from the FA Cup with Sheffield Wednesday and Blackpool playing out their fourth round replay in a bid to make it through to the fifth round. Which side will be victorious? The ValueChecker Value Bets are predicting that extra time will be required in this match. The Value Bets are based upon a statistical analysis of previous results and it seems the draw is fairly overpriced in this match, you can get 3.52 at the time of writing on …

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Tottenham Could Have Edge Over Liverpool According To Wikis

Published on 06/02/2012 11:02

Monday Night Football this week should be highly entertaining with Liverpool taking on Spurs at White Hart Lane. Spurs gained a rare win at Anfield last season, can they gain back to back wins in this fixture or are Liverpool the team to back here? Tottenham are the bet in this match according to the ValueChecker Value Bets, these are based upon a statistical analysis of previous results and recent domination over Liverpool combined with strong recent form means that Spurs…

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Chelsea Likely To Miss Drogba When Man Utd Come To Town

Published on 03/02/2012 10:17

Chelsea v Man Utd looks to be the pick of this weekend’s Premiership action and you can be sure it will be one of the most popular betting events over the weekend. What do the ValueChecker tools make of Sunday’s match? One outcome in this match has been highlighted by the ValueChecker Value Bets and that is Man Utd to win this match. According to the ValueChecker Value Bets, which are based on a statistical analysis of previous results, Man Utd have been assigned a …

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Wikis Suggest Low Scoring Man City Win Against Fulham

Published on 02/02/2012 11:41

Man City take on Fulham in the live fixture on Saturday evening and surprisingly both of these teams dropped points in their last Premiership outing. What does Valuechecker make of this fixture and what are the best bets? Man City may have dropped points on Tuesday when they lost at Everton but dropped points is an unfamiliar expression at Eastlands this season. The Man City ValueChecker wikis show that they have won every home game this season, that’s eleven wins out of …

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Best Premiership Bets For Wednesday On ValueChecker

Published on 01/02/2012 11:09

The Premiership fixtures continue on Wednesday and as usual ValueChecker can guide you to some of the best bets on each match through a selection of the ValueChecker betting tool. The ValueChecker Value Bets show several bets on tonight’s matches that should offer good value based on a statistical analysis of previous results. Possibly the best value on Wednesday night could be Bolton to beat Arsenal. The Gunners have had their fair share of blips recently and that seems …

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Everton Could Be The Value Against Man City

Published on 31/01/2012 13:31

League leaders Man City are in action on Tuesday night and they are almost evens to win despite facing a team that is currently in 14th place in the Premiership. Man City travel to Goodison Park to face Everton in search of another three points, will they continue to struggle as they have done in many recent games or will it be a convincing win? Let’s see what ValueChecker thinks of this game. The ValueChecker Value Bets highlight Everton as a good bet in this match, the …

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Man Utd Set To Dominate Stoke According To Wikis

Published on 30/01/2012 15:00

A full list of Premiership fixtures awaits us during the week and one of the most popular games so far has been Man Utd v Stoke at Old Trafford on Tuesday. Man Utd are often seen as a banker, especially when playing at home, but does ValueChecker make them a banker to beat Tony Pulis’ side this week. The Stoke ValueChecker wikis suggest that they are often a team that provides a value bet to win, but that’s usually when playing at home. Last season Stoke only…

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Best Betting Pointers For Liverpool v Man Utd In FA Cup

Published on 27/01/2012 10:34

The FA Cup takes centre stage in the footballing world this weekend and there is certainly no bigger tie than Liverpool v Man Utd this weekend. Man Utd have already knocked one rival out of the FA Cup but can they see off another on Saturday? Man Utd have been quite well backed for this game already at the time of writing, they have been highlighted as one of the ValueChecker Steamers this weekend. Man Utd have shortened from 2.02 to 1.97 and that represents a change in…

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Best Bets And In Running Pointers For Liverpool v Man City

Published on 25/01/2012 11:28

The Final of the Carling Cup will be decided tonight when Liverpool take on Man City at Anfield, Liverpool hold a one goal advantage from the first leg but will that be enough? Let’s see what the ValueChecker tools can tell us about this match. According to the Liverpool ValueChecker wikis it could be very bad news for them if Man City get the first goal. Last season Liverpool conceded the first goal of the game in ten games and they went on to lose nine of those whilst…

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What Do The Wikis Tell Us About Cardiff v Crystal Palace Carling Cup Semi Final?

Published on 24/01/2012 11:16

BBC2 will screen tonight’s Carling Cup Semi Final Second Leg between Cardiff and Crystal Palace, the game is on a knife edge with Palace taking a 1-0 lead into the second leg but will that be enough? What are the best bets in this match according to ValueChecker’s betting tools? With both sides playing in the same division the ValueChecker wikis could be even more useful than they usually are for cup ties, the Cardiff ValueChecker wikis suggest that this game is a…

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ValueChecker Picks Best Bets From Southampton v Leicester

Published on 23/01/2012 11:43

The pick of Monday’s football action comes from the Championship with promotion chasing Southampton taking on struggling Leicester City. What are the best bets in this match according to ValueChecker’s betting tools? According to the ValueChecker Value Bets probably the best value bet in this match is a win for the away side. The value bets are based on a statistical analysis of previous results and suggest what price an outcome should be according to those results …

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ValueChecker Wikis For Arsenal v Man Utd Predict Goals And Half Time Draw

Published on 20/01/2012 11:01

The second of this weekend’s Super Sunday offering is Arsenal v Man Utd and this could be the most popular betting heat of the weekend so what are the best bets on this match according to ValueChecker’s wikis on the two sides? A quick look at the Man Utd ValueChecker wikis suggests there are going to be many pointers for the away side in this match. The first of the wikis suggests that Man Utd are a good bet against the better teams in the Premiership, and Arsenal…

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