Euro 2012 Clues And Best Bets In Germany v France And Other Friendlies

By Sam Darby on 29/02/2012 11:17

England v Holland isn’t the only big match on Wednesday night, there are plenty of other International friendlies to watch and to bet on and as usual ValueChecker will be hoping to pinpoint the best bets in these matches.

Another game that features two of the favourites for Euro 2012 is Germany v France and plenty of ValueChecker tools point towards this match being fairly high scoring. First of all the best value bet tonight according to the ValueChecker Value Bets is over 2.5 goals in this match. The Value Bets are based on a statistical analysis of previous results and the current odds of 2.08 on overs could be way off the mark according to ValueChecker which suggests that the correct price is more like 1.42 and that odds difference means that has been given a value rating of 0.56.

The Germany ValueChecker wikis also show that a high scoring match is likely here. They show that during Euro 2012 qualifying 90% of their games had over 2.5 goals and many had over 3.5. Germany can also score plenty of goals against the better teams in the world such as France as three of Germany’s four knockout games at the 2010 World Cup also had over 2.5 goals. Germany’s game are often so high scoring because they tend to concede goals as well as scoring plenty. In qualifying both teams scored in six of Germany’s matches, not the best record considering the calibre of opposition, so you’d certainly expect France to score here. Avoid backing Germany to win to nil and instead look at both teams to score.

As for the France ValueChecker wikis for this match, with France expected to score the best bets could be Karim Benzema to score first or Yoann Gourcuff to score anytime or last. In Euro 2012 qualifying all of Benzema’s three goals were the first goals in the match whilst Gourcuff managed to score in all three of the games he was involved in and two of those goals were the last in the match.

Other games involving two more Euro 2012 qualifiers include Croatia v Sweden and you can check out the Croatia ValueChecker wikis and Sweden ValueChecker wikis to help find the best bets on this fixture. The ValueChecker Wikis are proving a popular tool to find bets on a wide variety of events on ValueChecker and you can add to them by registering (just provide an email address and password) and sharing your knowledge.