Don't Expect Many Goals In Sunderland v Everton

By Sam Darby on 27/03/2012 11:13

Sunderland take on Everton in an FA Cup Quarter Final replay with Liverpool awaiting the winner at Wembley many neutrals will be hoping that it is Everton who make it through setting up a great Semi Final clash. Will Everton be the best bet in this match? ValueChecker should have the answers.

The best bet on ValueChecker on Tuesday according to the ValueChecker Value Bets is under 2.5 goals in this match. The ValueChecker ValueBets are based on a statistical analysis of previous results so it is no surprise that ValueChecker has highlighted under 2.5 goals as these teams have a habit of playing out low scoring games, especially Everton. The odds on under 2.5 goals in this match are 1.67 but ValueChecker thinks this is such a good bet it should actually be closer to 1.34 and as a result ValueChecker has assigned this a very high value rating of 0.60.

According to the Sunderland ValueChecker wikis not only is under 2.5 goals a good bet in this match but so is under 1.5 goals. Sunderland have been the most consistent team in the Premiership for registering plenty of games with under 1.5 goals, in the 10/11 Premiership season 10 of Sunderland’s 38 league matches had under 1.5 goal whilst in the 09/10 season it was 11 games. That may not seem such a percentage but out of all the Premiership teams, Sunderland seem the best for this bet and it is worth noting that the odds on under 1.5 goals are normally fairly generous.

Anyone who fancies Sunderland to win this game should take note of the Everton ValueChecker wikis. It is no surprise to note that Everton are a very tough team who don’t go down without a fight but what is a little surprising how seldom Everton are well beaten. In the 10/11 Premiership season Everton lost 10 games, 7 of which were lost by a 1 goal margin. In the 09/10 season Everton lost 9 matches and 6 of those were lost by a 1 goal margin. If opposing Everton it looks as though the best bet is on them to lose by just a 1 goal margin.

The ValueChecker Wikis are proving a popular tool to find bets on a wide variety of events on ValueChecker and you can add to them by registering (just provide an email address and password) and sharing your knowledge.