Didier Drogba The Goalscorer To Follow In Chelsea v Spurs

By Sam Darby on 21/03/2012 14:08

Chelsea take on Spurs on Saturday afternoon in a game that could go a long way to deciding which teams qualify for the Champions League this season. The game is on TV and features two well supported clubs so you can be sure it will be a popular betting heat and the ValueChecker wikis should be useful in finding the best bets from the match.

Chelsea have been the best team to back in London derbies in recent seasons according to the Chelsea ValueChecker wikis and that suggests they could be a value bet to win this match. Chelsea fared best of all the London clubs when competing in London derbies in the 10/11 Premiership season, in the eight games they won five, drew two and lost one. That follows a strong performance against London opposition the season before where they won six, drew one and lost one.

Chelsea are likely to rely on Didier Drogba once again for goals and he could prove a great goalscorer bet, but if he doesn’t play Chelsea’s ability to score against Tottenham will be massively impaired. Didier Drogba was very important for Chelsea in the 10/11 Premiership season, not only providing his team with 12 goals but also 15 assists. This is no one off, in the 09/10 season Drogba played a hand in 42 goals, scoring 29 and setting up 13.

Spurs are not completely without a hope in this match despite Chelsea’s dominant record in London derbies as Spurs have often been a team to back against the better teams in the Premiership according to the Spurs ValueChecker wikis. In the 10/11 Premiership season only the Champions Man Utd had a better record against the top half teams in the division, Tottenham were short of the best record by just three points as they amassed 30 points in the 18 games against the teams that finished in the top ten. This was no fluke, the season before they had the third best record against the top half behind Chelsea and Man Utd picking up 31 points against the top half teams, just two short of the best record and five points clear of Man City who had the fourth best record against top half teams.

An in running pointer for this game could be to back Spurs if they go in at half time with a lead against Chelsea. Tottenham look a team to follow when they are winning at half time, in the 10/11 Premiership season Spurs were winning 10 games at half time and went on to win 8 of them (the other 2 ended in draws). In the 09/10 season Spurs were even better at holding on to their half time leads, they held the lead at half time in 18 games and went on to win 17 of them, losing the other.

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