Best ValueChecker Wikis To Examine Ahead Of Napoli v Chelsea

By Sam Darby on 21/02/2012 11:30

There is plenty of football to bet on this Tuesday night with action from the football league but most eyes will be on the Champions League and in particular the game between Napoli and Chelsea with Napoli already helping to eliminate one English team from the Champions League this season.

The Chelsea ValueChecker wikis could be the best guide for this match on ValueChecker considering this match hasn’t thrown up any ValueChecker Steamers or ValueChecker Value Bets at the time of writing and there are several Chelsea wikis that could be relevant for this match, although the Chelsea wikis are based on Premiership trends and stats Napoli would surely compare to a very good Premiership team so hopefully they will translate well to the Champions League for this match.

The return of Didier Drogba for this match is likely to be a massive boost for Chelsea despite his advancing years and should he play Chelsea’s chances of scoring should improve dramatically. Drogba is a great goalscorer, last season he bagged 12 goals in an injury hit season whilst the season before he netted 29 times but he also brings more than just goals to the team. Last season Drogba chipped in with 15 assists and the season before he set up 13 goals. If Drogba doesn’t play than Chelsea really might have problems scoring in this match.

One thing that might help Chelsea score is their ability to win penalties. I recent seasons Chelsea have often gained more penalties than other teams in the Premiership, last season they got six penalties whilst the season before they managed to earn themselves eleven penalties! Look to back Chelsea to win a penalty or to back their penalty taker for this match to get on the scoresheet.

If you fancy an in running bet for this match then the Chelsea wiki about when they score many of their goals should come in handy. Last season Chelsea scored twenty times between the 76th minute and the final whistle whilst the season before they netted twenty six goals in the final 15 minutes of their matches. This was much higher than most other teams and whatever the score late on in the game, it could be worth backing Chelsea to score a late goal.

The ValueChecker Wikis are proving a popular tool to find bets on a wide variety of events on ValueChecker and you can add to them by registering (just provide an email address and password) and sharing your knowledge.