Best Bets From ValueChecker For Fulham v Chelsea

By Sam Darby on 09/04/2012 11:09

Fulham take on Chelsea on Monday night in the West London derby, a game that will be shown live on Sky Sports 1 for their Monday Night Football coverage. This game could make or break Chelsea’s hopes of finishing in the top four this season, what does ValueChecker think are the best bets for Fulham v Chelsea.

The Chelsea ValueChecker wikis and the Fulham ValueChecker wikis both show that Chelsea should be considered a strong bet for this match if the relative record of the teams in London derbies is considered. Chelsea fared best of all the London clubs when competing in London derbies in the 10/11 Premiership season, in the eight games they won five, drew two and lost one. That follows a strong performance against London opposition the season before where they won six, drew one and lost one. Fulham on the other hand, had the worst record of all the London clubs when competing in London derbies in the 10/11 Premiership season, they didn’t win any of the eight matches against other London clubs and picked up just three draws. They weren’t much better the season before when winning just one game and picking up five points from the eight games.

Relative to their overall ability, Fulham are surely the best defensive side in the Premiership when playing at home. In the 10/11 Premiership season Fulham kept 9 clean sheets at Craven Cottage, a record that was bettered only by the top three teams in the division. The previous season it was 8 home clean sheets and in a further 7 home games Fulham conceded just a single goal showing what a tough team Fulham are to break down when playing at home. This should narrow the possibilities down when playing the goals markets in this mach against Chelsea.

If Fulham take a lead in at half time they could be a strong in running bet. Fulham are one of the more reliable teams in the Premiership to back at half time when they hold a lead. In the 10/11 Premiership season Fulham were ahead at half time in 10 games and went on to win 8 of them whilst the season before Fulham were leading at half time in 9 games and won 7 of those matches.

However if you back Fulham in running (or before kick off) and Fulham aren’t winning by more than one goal late on it could be a good idea to trade your bet out because of Chelsea’s habit of scoring late goals. In the 10/11 Premiership season Chelsea scored 20 goals between the 76th minute and the final whistle whilst the season before they had an even better record scoring 26 goals between the 76th minute and the final whistle. In both seasons no team scored more goals in that time window.

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