Best Bets And In Running Pointers For Liverpool v Man City

By Sam Darby on 25/01/2012 11:28

The Final of the Carling Cup will be decided tonight when Liverpool take on Man City at Anfield, Liverpool hold a one goal advantage from the first leg but will that be enough? Let’s see what the ValueChecker tools can tell us about this match.

According to the Liverpool ValueChecker wikis it could be very bad news for them if Man City get the first goal. Last season Liverpool conceded the first goal of the game in ten games and they went on to lose nine of those whilst the season before Liverpool conceded first in thirteen games and ended up losing eleven of those matches. Perhaps Liverpool’s heads go down when they concede first or they don’t have the determination to get back into the game but if Man City score first they would appear to be a very good bet to hold on to that lead throughout the match.

Dirk Kuyt has been largely out of form this season but he could still be an important player for Liverpool in this match if selected, last season Kuyt scored thirteen goals for Liverpool and also chipped in with eight assists. It is no surprise therefore that Liverpool have struggled to score this season with Kuyt being a less prominent member of the team. If Kuyt starts this match he could be a good bet to get on the scoresheet and might boost Liverpool’s chances of getting a result in the game. If Kuyt doesn’t play don’t expect Liverpool to score too many goals against Man City.

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