Arsenal v Leeds Expected To Produce Goals Galore In FA Cup

By Sam Darby on 09/01/2012 11:33

The FA Cup Third Round draws to a close on Monday night when Arsenal host Leeds and a Fourth Round match at home to Aston Villa awaits the winner of the game at the Emirates. What are the best bets in this game according to ValueChecker though?

It seems as though Arsenal could be poor value for this match, the ValueChecker Value Bets point towards Leeds being the best value outcome in this match with the draw the next best option. Both of those bets are in the Top 20 Value Bets at the time of writing based on statistical analysis of previous results. Leeds are as big as 12.00 to beat Arsenal but should be more of a 3.92 shot according to this ValueChecker tool whilst the draw is 6.13 at the time of writing but should be closer to 3.64.

According to the Leeds ValueChecker wikis neutrals could be in for a good game as there tends to be plenty of goals in Leeds games, especially those against the better sides. Leeds were way above the division average last season for producing games with over 3.5 goals in (43% for Leeds compared to division average of 28%) and since Leeds’ goal numbers have been higher against better teams, the opportunity to have a bet on over 3.5 goals in a game against Premiership opposition in the FA Cup could prove very good value.

Encouragingly the Arsenal ValueChecker wikis also point towards this game being at least over 2.5 goals, last season 23 of Arsenal’s league games had over 2.5 goals and the season before it was 25.

With midweek Premiership action on Wednesday the ValueChecker Wikis are likely to prove very popular this week, they can help provide a wide variety of tips on teams and you can either use them for your betting or and you can add to them by registering (just provide an email address and password) and sharing your knowledge.