Arsenal Look Set For Comfortable Victory Over Wigan According To Wikis

By Sam Darby on 16/04/2012 11:21

Arsenal need a result to all but guarantee they finish in the top three this season whilst Wigan will be looking for a result in order to help them avoid the bottom three. Wigan gained a massive win last week against Man Utd but they look up against it in their bid to pull off two major shocks in succession but does ValueChecker think they can do it?

This might not be a hugely high scoring game as Wigan struggle in front of goal but according to the Arsenal ValueChecker wikis it should still be a good candidate for over 2.5 goals. Arsenal have been a side with a great attack but slightly leaky defence for several years now and that means Arsenal are one of the best teams for betting on over 2.5 goals. In the 10/11 Premiership season 23 of Arsenal’s 38 games had over 2.5 goals in and it was a similar story the season before, 25 of Arsenal’s league matches had over 2.5 goals in 09/10. If this is over 2.5 goals Arsenal might end up having to score all the goals though.  

Wigan’s problems have nearly always come in front of goal since their promotion to the Premiership and the Wigan ValueChecker wikis suggest that if Arsenal do win this game they are likely to win the game to nil. Wigan have never really been a team to score too many goals in the Premiership, in the 10/11 season they scored just 40 goals which was the least of all the teams to stay up that season. In the 09/10 season scored even less goals (37) but two surviving teams did score less whilst in the previous season to that Wigan again struggled to find the back of the net, they finished 11th that season but could only score 34 goals which was again the least of all the teams to stay up that season.

However many goals Arsenal score against Wigan in the first half, the Wigan ValueChecker wikis show that Arsenal should be backed in running to better than tally in the second half. Wigan are normally pretty strong defensively, in the first half at least. In the 10/11 Premiership season Wigan conceded 61 goals, 41% of which were conceded in the first half and 59% of which were conceded in the second half. In the 09/10 Premiership season Wigan had a much worse defensive record with 79 goals conceded and a huge 70% of those were conceded in the second half of matches.

Wigan’s habit of conceding a high percentage of second half goals in recent seasons means they are consistently one of the worst teams when it comes to holding on to leads. In the 10/11 Premiership season Wigan took the lead in 13 matches and won just 6 of them whilst in the 09/10 season Wigan were the worst of all the Premiership clubs at holding on to a lead, they scored the first goal in 17 matches that season and won just 7 of those games. If Wigan do take a lead in this match then Arsenal should still prove a shrewd in running bet.

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